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Domicile Extrajudicial Recovery

Domicile Extrajudicial Recovery it’s always been the flagship of Service Lines’ services, the strongest point of 25 years of experience acquired following the objective, actual mission of our agency, to “HONORING CREDITS”, which results in the costumer’s image protection without prejudice to any rights to recover. This ambitious purpose is, to this day, pursued with a COMPETENT and LOYAL network.
Competence is the result of a constant training which first step (5 days) consist in fieldwork so that the candidate can gain practical experience and knowledge through firsthand observation (supported by an expert tutor) and establish their reputation. Through this step, a new relation is established. Thenceforth, with our internal Training School (Clessidra) and the Course with the consequent Certification of acquired Capabilities released by Regione Lombardia, our operators reach the highest level of excellence required to manage a complex and delicate activity such as
Domicile Extrajudicial Recovery.
Our debt collection network, present throughout the national territory, is divided into teams, each with its own Local Tutor (according to Regions) that answer to four Manager Areas which in turn, report to two Supervisors. This arrangement, characterized by widespread coverage, is the finest
way to monitoring the activities of credit recovery we are entrusted with.
Our operators are able to manage a real consultation, to any level, aiming to the identification of the most suitable financial solution to the obligor’s profile, in total harmony with the guidelines agreed with the credit holder.

Service Lines


Commercial information, inspection and trace.

Service Lines


Credit management with epistolary requests, phone collection and home visits.

Service Lines


Extrajudicial debt collection through four different stages: Letter of Formal Notice, Domicile Verification, notification of Injunctions and Intimations.

Service Lines


With the assistance of national law firms under permanent agreement.

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